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Write Your Novel in 12 Weeks (With Me!)


Maybe you’ve heard the saying that the only thing a first draft has to be is finished. But that’s easier said than done. How do you go from writing a beginning to writing “The End?”

In this course, we’ll support each other in taking our novels from premises to hundreds of pages. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing suspense, horror, fantasy, or some other genre; with a weekly 5,000-word writing goal, you’ll be able to complete a sparse first draft of a novel—or the majority of a denser one.

And, while you’re writing, I’ll give you readings from craft books like Save the Cat Writes a Novel! and The Breakout Novelist, as well as encouraging written lectures, to help separate the goals of drafting from the goals of revision, while still working on craft skills.

Together, we’ll read and critique one another’s work. You’ll receive feedback from me and be paired with one other student from class for encouraging peer critiques. Come start a novel that you want to finish!

More about the course, and a sign-up link, over here:

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