Find My Short Fiction


“A Match for Death,” Hidden Realms Short Stories (Gothic Fantasy), Flame Tree Press, February/March 2023, print.

He’s getting to be that age, now… Can’t we set him up with somebody? (short story, myth/fabulist)

“What You Know of Sirens, You Have Heard from Men,” Dangerous Waters: Deadly Women of the Sea (anthology), Brigids Gate Press, January 2023, print. 

Mer-wolf? Were-maid? You get the idea. But there’s more to understand about sirens, if you dare (flash fiction, Horror/Suspense).

“Lady Luna, Lady Solstice, and the Oracles of HASBRO,” Mangoprism, November 2022, online.

Someone must go on a quest, into a place full of danger—a place with battery included (short story, Fantasy/Comedy).

“Speak Ill of the Dead,” A Quaint and Curious Volume of Gothic Tales (anthology), Brigids Gate Press, January 2022, print.
In every case she works, a forensic investigator is respectful of the dead. But what happens when the dead are not respectful of her? (short story, Ghost/Gothic/Horror) 

“After the Apples*,” In Somnio (anthology), Tenebrous Press, November 2021, print.
A young kit and her mother are living in the aftermath of terrible tragedy–the day when Father turned “rapid” and attacked. Fermenting apples from a nearby farm take some of the mother’s pain away–but they take some of the daughter’s trust away, too (Short story, Gothic fable). You can read an interview on inspirations, AND listen to me read some of it in my enchanted office, here.)

“Good Boy Anyway,” The Lost Librarian’s Grave (anthology), Redwood Press, October 2021.
A man can have no secrets from a bride gone up to Heaven. For his misdeeds, a grave-digger in Victorian London is haunted by his recently deceased wife (Short story, Gothic horror).

“The Good Will,” Not All Monsters (Stoker-Award-nominated anthology), Rooster Republic Press, Oct 2020.
When she dies, a woman arrives at the Good Will — a place where she wears her soul as a quilt around her shoulders, and is guided by dress-form gods (Short story, speculative horror).

“In Fairness to the Fair Folk,” The Arcanist, Dec 2018.
When your village burns down, it’s easy to blame the fae (flash, fantasy).

“For the Feather Dusters,” Hides the Dark Tower (anthology), Pole to Pole Publishing, Sep 2015.
In a tall tower, a recluse contemplates a love note from a young idealist in whom he has no interest. Perhaps it will be easiest to ignore it entirely — an option eliminated by the arrival of the writer herself (Flash, drama).