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Do YOU Need Fresh Eyes on Your Manuscript?

Heads-up! I provide editorial services now, through Writers dot com!

My favorite is to be your guide to developmental edits, reading through and leaving you notes/a long letter about how to tighten up your novel-in-progress for plot, character, and general tension.

I’m most familiar with Gothic, Horror, Suspense, and Historical Fiction, and have a soft spot for Gothic Romance, Romantic Suspense, and anything fabulist. I am open to most things speculative, or with a fairytale feel, or just plain dark.

A full read-through of an 85,000-word novel, with in-doc notes and a long edit letter, would take me about 9 hours–or, I could always start with a synopsis you provide and work on whatever chapters you like, to help you budget.

Interested in booking me? Here’s a link to the instructor bios, with a contact form for you to fill in on the right:

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