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Writer, INC.: Who’s In Charge Here?

People say “writer’s block doesn’t exist; could a cab-driver refuse to drive, saying she had driver’s block?” Well, no, but if her passengers were simultaneously shouting at her—turn LEFT, NO, turn RIGHT—she might slam on her brakes, and/or get herself into an accident.

So it’s not a block—not a thing in the road preventing your progress. It’s an internal paralysis, when the voices in your head as you write give opposite advice, so you don’t know which way to turn.

Which of those voices is right? How can you tell?

Well, yours truly took a trippy, er, trip into her own brain to find out just who is in charge at the (metaphorical, obviously) Writer, Incorporated. What follows is a series of interviews with the various voices in my head, like any perfectly normal person might conduct. It’s kind of like Are You My Mother? but for creative types.