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That’s right! The kinky, upstairs-downstairs, Victorian Gothic, Romantic Suspense novel of my heart is officially out in the world! If you’re not sure if this book is for you, don’t worry–I’ve been busy, and I gotcha covered. Here are some options for dipping your toe in:


Do you love a good podcast interview? In this episode of She Wore Black, Agatha Andrews and I talk power dynamics in all aspects of On Good Authority, from the catharsis of a healthy BDSM relationship to the social inequalities between classes in Victorian times (and now!), and everything in between. Plus, Agatha reads from the text a bunch, so you can get a sense of flavor and heat-level of the book (hint: more of a sensual simmer than a rolling boil).


If a text interview is more your thing, there’s this one with Elena Hartwell, who wanted to talk to me as a debut author in the International Thriller Writers community. We cover the world of the book, what my disability has to do with my identity as a writer, and also–BONUS–there’s a picture of my dog in there.


If you’d like to hear me read from the text, River Bend Bookshop in Glastonbury, CT made this wonderful reel. Sorry about my very American Ts, but I do think the pen-scratching sound effects and music underneath really set the mood here. Check it out!


Ooh, and here’s another text-based interview for you, from Operation Awesome, in which I talk about perfume oil as well as all those other things you’d expect–writing tips, the publishing journey, and the book!


And, of course, here’s a Goodreads link that will take you to lots of reviews from readers like you (4.44 average at time of this writing! I am TOUCHED!)! It’ll also link you to places you can buy the book, if you’re sold on it! But always remember your local indie bookshops at times of book-buying, and support them with your purchase if you can!

I hope you love it!

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