A collage of images to represent the novel, including: the torso of a footman in a tailcoat, a warm-hued mansion, the silhouettes of a Victorian man and a woman with flowers in fancy dress, a young woman with brown hair from behind, a servants' bell-board, and some rope.
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It’s VALENTINE’s Day: Is Valentine Hobbs YOUR Valentine?

My debut novel, ON GOOD AUTHORITY, is a responsibly kinky, Victorian, Romantic Suspense/Gothic Romance–and at the center of that sensual darkness is a justice-junkie footman called Valentine Hobbs.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I made a BINGO card to help you decide if MY Valentine is the Valentine for you:

A BINGO card headed with "Is Valentine Hobbs YOUR kind of Valentine?" 5x5 square BINGO card columns are labeled as H O B B S, and each square contains a quotation or fact from the book ON GOOD AUTHORITY, as follows: An abandoned boy 
like an abandoned manor...  Neglected, but not ruined—
his facade all 
the more imposing for its faults; has a bondage thing; eyes the color of worn brown brick, with bright flecks like the rust of wrought iron; into roleplay... and he's good at it; "He's sharp as a 
mother's tongue..."; expects more 
of himself 
victorian society does; “I’ve let you 
have your way 
up to now... 
But if I let go 
of this post, 
I will have mine.”; Cleans, sews, 
irons, schemes...; “The scoundrel named for a saint... Did his best to corrupt you, he did.”; sees 
much more 
he says; “Don’t you 
worry about me.”
 The crop’s tongue touched my ankle... “Worry about yourself.”; will 
tie you up... 
and then 
be nice to you; SUB
SPACE; tests 
the whip
on himself first; He swallowed. 
“I don’t want 
to take from you anything you 
don’t want me 
to have."; will put 
himself in danger rather than
 see you suffer; "I take you, next. So slowly that the bed won’t creak."; not afraid
 to get 
his hands dirty to keep 
yours clean; ...the low, 
longing sounds 
he’d made—as if 
the very pleasure 
he felt were torture to him.; A Dom with plenty 
self-discipline; he bent himself low, his face turned up to mine. He had a judge’s eyes. “Are you enjoying this?” ; isn't in it to be 
an "alpha male"; both women, the one in her spring and the other in her winter, turned to Valentine like flowers to the sun.; wants to be a force of good in an unjust world;  I could see him... straight-backed and focused, polishing silver at the dining-room sideboard...

If Valentine Hobbs is checking all your boxes, we’d both love it if you took a moment to add his story on Goodreads, and/or pre-ordered! Or hey, if you want to play match-maker, tell the kinkster in your life that Valentine is on the market!

ON GOOD AUTHORITY comes out in print, e-book, and audio book formats on October 11, 2022!

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