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Do You Like Dark Towers?

Their applications in our culture are many, after all — whether you recognize the tower from your Tarot deck, the Browning poem, or by the part it plays in Stephen King’s seven-part fantasy epic. Or maybe you like my writing a little bit?

Either way, you should know that I’ve finally landed my first publication (!!!) in a fantasy-horror-and-sundry anthology called “Hides the Dark Tower.” Inspired by Browning’s “Childe Roland to a Dark Tower Came,” this work brings together a bunch of stories into which the symbolism or reality of a dark tower somehow factors. My contribution is a short flash-fiction piece called “For the Feather Dusters.”

You can purchase an electronic copy of the book for just under $5, while a paperback is only $12 and change. If interested, get thee hence to Amazon, and feel free to review! Loose lips may float ships as soon as sink them, you know.


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